PEG Farm and Nature Reserve

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PEG Farm and Nature Reserve is a place where people can come to be inspired by a creative cultural experience focused on environmental consciousness, regenerative agriculture and holistic lifestyle practices. These important activities are supported by our beautiful polyculture farm-scape, which provides a unique setting where people are vitalized by our nutritious food, restored by our educational offerings, and healed by the spirit of the land and through our wellness programs. Started by Paul Bourne in 2013, PEG’s location at Easy Hall Plantation, St. Joseph is a very special place. It’s 108 acres and 1000 feet above sea level; some of the highest land in Barbados. Running for a quarter mile along the edge of the land is Hackleton’s cliff, giving views over the entire East and South coast. At PEG, we are striving to integrate four main principles of agriculture: biodynamics, broad acre permaculture, free range animal husbandry and holistic management. These principles revolve around creating a healthy, balanced farm that can sustain itself without any outside inputs. It’s holistic, ecological and ethical. 


We offer fully-guided, walking tours around the farm, Hackleton’s cliff and gully every morning and evening. These are two hours long and include fresh, Bajan juices and a healthy snack.  Please contact us for tour times and prices. 

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